The first official workshop of 2022

11 May 2022

Last night it finally happened!
The 1st corona free workshop in 2022 took place, in which 2 enthusiastic ladies participated and devoted themselves to abstract painting.
A very pleasant evening, built up from a few exercises with some tips & tricks and a design based on the final self-made artwork of the ladies.
Next week we continue……

Last Tuesday evening the 2nd evening of a very successful 2-day workshop.

The ladies now had to work hard to convert some learned techniques into a full-fledged, homemade work of art.
I’m proud of both ladies, and they certainly underestimated themselves given the beautiful end results.


I am super proud of our creations!! I had two very cool, creative, pleasant evenings in which I learned a lot 😊. Thank you Roger Wanrooij. Susanne thank you very much for this awesome birthday present. Highly recommended!!!


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