The Road Ahead

A personal journey

Based upon

Inspired by my previous painting Quicksand, this one though is a 2D painting, meaning it has no epoxy layers and therefore it’s no Abstract Floating Art ®, but affordable art.
The Road Ahead shows the struggle of life, with lots of misery and personal drama once life is against you.
The unpaved “walk of life”, the rough roads we travel on, are made visual in Chinese ink and depict dead ends, mazes, and other obstacles that we must try to overcome.
And even if we’ve finally found a smoothened surface, the way ahead will always be full of obstacles.


Created: March 2022

  • Amsterdam acrylics
  • Chinese ink
  • Amsterdam high gloss varnish
  • Linen canvas
  • Aluminum frame
L1000mm x W1600mm x H52mm
Weight: 6kg
Price indication: € 3.200

The Road Ahead

Detail view

The gloomy background represents a tough life

Detail view

Chinese ink represent the “The Road” we walk on.

Detail view

Sharp and bright colors mask dark depths with nasty feelings and emotions

Art & Piano

An overwhelming beauty, boosting the most fabulous spot in the house

Proud and Honored

Feeling proud and honored to be able to make this artwork for a very special person

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