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Sandstorm is an ode to the timeless treasures of Ancient Egypt

History Channel

The inspiration for this artwork lies in my interest in Egypt.

Since primary school, I have been impressed by pharaohs and life back then, and while watching an episode on History Channel this idea came to life.

About Sandstorm

Sandstorm is build-up by the imagination of grains of sand, that is blown through the desert from a sand dune.

The sand dune will be made of 3cm solid epoxy mixed with 24K shimmer gold dust, after which the sand plain and oasis will be built up in layers of transparent epoxy


  • Aluminum frame W900mm x L600mm x D52mm
  • linen canvas
  • Amsterdam acrylics and gesso
  • Epoxy (approx 18kg)
  • 24K gold shimmer dust (100gr)

Weight: Approx 20kg

Point Of Interest: Time to complete an artwork like this: 3 – 4 months

A golden dessert

Close your eyes…..and start dreaming about walking in the Egyptian desert. The sun is burning on your skin but you are close to an oasis. And then there’s that light breeze, which grows stronger and stronger until it becomes a real storm. A sandstorm…..

Early Edition #4

Would you like to purchase an early edition “show off” on your wall? For now, there are only a few Abstract Floating Art® artworks in the world, but my ambition is to be exposed and exhibited around the globe in the upcoming years.

Early Editions are potentially the MOST EXCLUSIVE.

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