Nordic emotions

About Regained

Regained is a project out of a defeated situation where I fucked up the thing I had in mind.

Sometimes projects fail or go wrong right from the start or after the first setup. From that point, it gets frustrated and annoying because it turns out different from what I had in mind.

Nordic emotions

Getting inspiration out of a failure isn’t common sense. This is the cause of a lot of failures in the past. Scratching up from a “cold and dark point” every time gives you the confidence that it will be okay.

And then the magic moment appears! The moment when you realize that an artwork has come to life when you get the shivers and goosebumps, combined with wet eyes and overcome with blissful emotions.


Regained is painted on a linen canvas, stretched on a handmade spruce frame with a cross-connection.

Acrylics are being used from the well-known Amsterdam brand, and even so, is the varnish from this brand.

The use of gesso (canvas primer) mixed with a medium provides the structures in the underlayer.



  • Dimension: 1000mm x 1200mm x 20mm
  • Used colors: Different whites, black, different browns, turquoise.
  • Varnish: matte
  • Weight: 3,5kg


    Art For Sale

    Would you like to purchase the above artwork or any other artwork?

    Maybe even have a personal piece made by me?

    Happy client


    Roger’s work is authentic and unique.

    How cool! Every bedroom deserves a work of art, and I’m super happy with the result.
    Thank you!

    - Karim H

    Emmeloord, The Netherlands

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