What is real for me are the illusions I create with my paintings. Everything else is quicksand. – Author: Eugene Delacroix

About Quicksand

Quicksand is the second art piece of my recently created Abstract Floating Art® style.

This style is created during an experiment when I wanted to add an epoxy top coating on a just-finished acrylic painting to give it an extra dimension and wow factor. By adding the top coating, I instantly visualized this to another painting I have made just a few weeks earlier. 

I’ve wanted to re-create that painting in combination with epoxy resin, and so I did. This is how I created my new art style and developed it.


I commissioned this artwork for a good friend of mine. He asked me to create something in my style, which is representative of him. I have created Quicksand upon this good friend’s emotions and personality from my point of view, during a specific moment in time.

We have met in difficult circumstances when we both struggled in reality. Even the name of this artwork is also related to this person.

Multiple layered 

As you can see the artwork is built up in different layers. By applying a special technique, the artwork changes layer by layer.


  • By watching closely, you can see the bottom layer which is yellow, orange, black, grey, and white-colored.
  • The second layer is built up of brown tones and colored splashes.
  • In the final layer, you see white and orange stripes and splashes.


I love using dark tones in the background, representing sad moments and emotions in time, but every time with bright colors on top, conquering and rise above all what’s behind me.

My life, my personal experiences, my own emotions, my pain and grief, my joy and happiness are always combined in my works.

Early Edition #2

Would you like to purchase an early edition “show off” at your wall? For now, there are only a few Abstract Floating Art® artworks in the world, but my ambition is to be exposed and exhibited around the globe in the upcoming years.

Early Editions are potentially the MOST EXCLUSIVE.

Happy Clients


Purchased a beautiful work in 2020 that was still made according to the ‘old’ painting method.
I still think it’s beautiful and enjoy it immensely!
The new floating art is also beautiful.
Keep it up, Roger ❤!

- Mar Mais

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