Petrol Passion

With a curl and a swirl

Try something different

By creating Patrol Passion I didn’t have any inspiration upfront. Besides the dimension of the canvas, there was not a single emotion of a moment in time that could lead me in a certain direction.

This forced me to do something different, and I used different paint and brushes. This has led to completely new insights and formed a basis for works of art in the future.

Colors of joy

So I decided to use a pallet of blue, gold, black, and white to create an artwork that is calm and soothing, creating a serene atmosphere but where the artwork is definitely the center of attention.

The 6 different colors of blue and 2 different colors of gold ensure homogeneous tranquility and reinforce each other in every incidence of light.

This painting is ALIVE and changes color, intensity, your experience, every time you walk by or look at it.


An aluminum frame stretched with a linen canvas

Handpainted with Amsterdam and Winston & Newton acrylics

Finished with a high gloss varnish even so from the Amsterdam brand.

Dimension: L 1400mm x W 600mm x H 52mm

Weight: 5kg

My Life in Art

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Roger Wanrooij

Drie Decembsersingel 183, Venlo The Netherlands

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