Only Time

Where dreams come true

A bold colorpalet

Burgundy, Caput Mortuum Violet, Warm Grey, Graphite, and Permanent Magenta are not the most common colors that are being used in a painting as primary colors.

I have tried to challenge myself to do it differently, and… You may judge if I succeeded.

A bright colorfest

Only Time is inspired on my road into the world of Art.
My main goal is to become a known professional artist and exhibit my “ARTstory” all over the world.
I’m at the beginning….and the journey has started, looking forward, not back but using my real-life experience as guidance and inspiration.


An aluminum frame stretched with a linen canvas

Handpainted with Amsterdam and Winston & Newton acrylics

Finished with a high gloss varnish even so from the Amsterdam brand.

Dimension: L 1400mm x W 600mm x H 52mm

Weight: 5kg

My Life in Art

For everyone who is interested or curious about… there is now a newsletter.

In a monthly edition, I explain and show how I work, make my plans and ideas.

Roger Wanrooij

Drie Decembsersingel 183, Venlo The Netherlands

Direct contact

(+31) 06 4977 5972