~ N O V A A ~ II

Forrest green & gold vein

About Novaa II

~ N O V A A ~ II 

This “big boy” is also completely handmade.
Due to the color-morphing technique and the thin layer of epoxy, this work has a “rough husk, white pit” quality.

Unlike the other works in this series, the surface has been made completely rough and tangible, but overall it radiates a lot of authority.

The stone chipping effect in the gold frame makes this work unique and exclusive.


Completely 100% handcrafted artwork,  with a special modified floating frame.


  • Frame – Spruce wood coated with gold paint
  • Canvas – Spruce wood
  • Structure – A secret
  • Acrylics & Metallic paint
  • Epoxy  – 2mm
  • Signature & Serie name embedded
  • Dimension – W1440mm x H970mm x D70mm
  • Weight – 18 kg

~ N O V A A ~ II


Is the largest of the series so far and

completely handcrafted from start until the end.

The embedded signing, including the signature and

the name of the series, is never seen in any artwork.

This unique signing is actually art within an artwork.

Even unique is the floating stone-chipping gold frame.

This artwork fits in any luxurious interior.

Proudly presented and exhibited by

 Dutch Luxury Design Gallery


Drie decembersingel 183, Venlo, The Netherlands

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