~ N O V A A ~ X

Fossilized marble, a timeless beauty

About Novaa X

In a land far far away from here, and long ago…

This ancient tribe lived there, and they were widely known for their fantastic sculptures and handicrafts.

But like the dinosaurs, this tribe also disappeared from the face of the earth. And many treasures remained buried for ages, until the day when…

And today…..many centuries later this piece of marble cracked open and something incredible emerged!


Completely 100% handcrafted artwork,  with a special modified floating frame.


  • Frame –  Spruce wood
  • Canvas – Spruce wood
  • Structure – A secret
  • Acrylics & Metallic paint
  • Epoxy  – 4mm
  • Signature & Serie name embedded
  • Dimension – W1280mm x H1200mm x D40mm
  • Weight – 22.5 kg

~ N O V A A ~ X


One of the biggest of the Novaa series so far.

Completely handcrafted from start until the end.

The embedded signing, including the signature and

the name of the series, is never seen in any artwork.

This unique signing is actually art within an artwork.

Even more unique is the floating frame.

This artwork fits in any luxurious interior.

(Click on the image to watch them in full scale)

Proudly presented and exhibited at

 Art Gallery Pot, Axel

Drie Decembersingel 183, Venlo The Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 4977 5972