No Guts No Glory

An immense experiment

About NGNG

No Guts No Glory is the first artwork of my recently created art style: Abstract Floating Art®

An art style builds by several layers due to a special technique to create real 3D depths in my artwork. From a distance hardly to discover, from a photo even harder, but in reality, up and close, a breathtaking experience.

Thinking BIG

No Guts No Glory is as you might have read is inspired by doing more with epoxy as I came in contact with it the first time.

Instead of starting small with a small canvas, I start without any experience or knowledge, on a quadriptych of 210cm by 140cm.

Who does not dare, does not win is one of my favorite motto’s.

No Guts No glory fits perfectly in that philosophy, and that’s the reason why it got its name.

Abstract Floating Art® is unique

  • Unique in style,
  • Unique in experience,
  • And from a global point of view, unique in contemporary art.

It changed my world

It took me up to 11 months to complete this project, and during this period I’ve experienced many emotions of happiness, angriness, frustration, and pride.

But I never gave up!

Experiments often went wrong, and end up in the bin, but completing this project was a great personal achievement and the beginning of something new!

Specifications & Details

No Guts No glory is handpainted with Amsterdam and Royal Talens acrylics.

It has an aluminum frame with linen stretched canvas.

 This quadriptych consists of 2 frames of 1200mm x 400mm and 2 frames of 800mm x 60mm 

Dimension: H: 2100mm W: 1400mm D: 60mm (including spacing)

Weight: 12kg

Early Edition Inquiry

Would you like to purchase an early edition “show off” at your wall? For now, there are only a few Abstract Floating Art® artworks in the world, but my ambition is to be exposed and exhibited around the globe in the upcoming years.

Early Editions are potentially the MOST EXCLUSIVE.

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