Inner Galaxy

The truth is out there but lies within yourself

About Inner Galaxy

Inner Galaxy is the third artwork of my recently created art style: Abstract Floating Art®

An art style builds by several layers due to a special technique to create real 3D depths in my artwork. From a distance hardly to discover, from a photo even harder, but in reality, up and close, a breathtaking experience.


“Inner Galaxy” is inspired by my own personality, which has driven me to become the person I am today. The way to become who I am was not that hard. Understanding who you are, and the reason why you are who you are is much more difficult and frustrating once you have the answer(s) and I am only speaking for myself now.

The truth is out there but lies within yourself.

My inner galaxy became visible during 2015 and to this day I found a lot more truth about myself and other people, people close to me, and I’m thankful and grateful that I have become the person I am today.

It’s always the sun

Sunbeams are bringing this beauty to the maximum of her glory, once it hits her surface. Due to the 24K gold dust which is incorporated in the top layer, this artwork will come to life and brings nothing but happiness and joy into your house. The shining 25gr of gold (= 0.881834 ounces) gives an extra dimension to experiencing this artform.

In order for this experience to be constantly present, good gallery lighting is necessary, but nothing can beat the sun.

Emotions incorporated

Quite a significant part of Inner Galaxy represents my struggle in life. This personal fight has become visible in the structured parts in this artwork.

In all of my artworks are personal emotions incorporated, which makes them very personal and vulnerable.

Specifications & Details

Inner Galaxy is painted on a linen canvas, stretched on a 52mm aluminum frame. Amsterdam acrylics are being used in all 3 layers.

Due to the dark tones of black and green, combined with splashes of gold and white, you get an outer space sense. The even darker “black hole” is brought to life with brighter green, old white, and the amazing 24k gold dust mentioned here above.

In every layer is approx 8-9kg of epoxy incorporated which ensures the real 3D effect, and all this creates a unique sensation in experiencing abstract floating art.


Dimensions: H: 1000mm W: 1600mm D: 60mm

Weight: 30+kg

Point of Interest:                                                                                    Total time to complete an artwork like this is 6 – 9 months.

Early Edition #3

Would you like to purchase an early edition “show off” at your wall? For now, there are only a few Abstract Floating Art® artworks in the world, but my ambition is to be exposed and exhibited around the globe in the upcoming years.

Early Editions are potentially the MOST EXCLUSIVE.

Thank you so much


Absolutely recommended! Great art pieces with an incredibly responsible businessman. He followed up every step of the way when he sent me 2 of his awesome paintings!

- Beatriz

Barcelona, ES

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