~ N O V A A ~

Combined techniques and materials, a new style!


If you want something stylish, unique, and EXCLUSIVE on your wall

A Brand New Series

Last year, when I decided to take a step into a career as a professional artist, I pronounced to only make Abstract Floating Art®. Not knowing that it would be so incredibly expensive if you started working with large canvases and therefore also with large amounts of epoxy.
And in order to pay those development costs, I was again “forced” to first make canvases without epoxy, in order to get a new budget for new Floating Art with the sale of these canvases.

But rarely does anything go as hoped or planned.

Creative and innovative as I am, I quickly reach places where I see opportunities, including this new work ~ N O V A A ~
This style is a combination of materials (and they remain secret) that eventually creates a marble motif or marble effect. By applying the colors – color morphing – (thanks Alice), the most beautiful creations are created with insanely beautiful effects.



A new technique with specific, undisclosed materials, combined with known parts from my previous works: EPOXY.

The “Color Morphing” effect and the relief in this work also make this “Marble Look” unique and identical.

This technique gives me so many possibilities in creating structures and colors that I can continue to use it endlessly. Not to mention that I am still inspired by moments and the accompanying emotions from my own life.




Combining various materials and techniques often results in the most beautiful creations, creations that immediately leave a unique impression and give you a feeling that something very special has been created.

And I cherish those moments.

“This is unique”

“This is special”

“I’ve never seen this before”

and that’s what makes it valuable.


~ N O V A A ~


Enjoy the sight and feel my personal emotion that arises with each birth of a new  ~ N O V A A ~.

~ N O V A A ~ I

~ N O V A A ~ II

~ N O V A A ~ III

~ N O V A A ~ IV

~ N O V A A ~ V

~ N O V A A ~ VI

~ N O V A A ~ VII

~ N O V A A ~ VIII

~ N O V A A ~ IX

~ N O V A A ~ X

~ N O V A A ~ XI

~ N O V A A ~ XII

This is MY WHY



The making of

~ N O V A A ~ I

Returning collector 


I have some wonderful works made by Roger.
The taste is personal. Yet I think that there is artwork for everyone’s taste.
In reality, most of them are even more beautiful than in the photo. The incidence of light, both natural and a lamp, also does a lot extra.
If you want other dimensions, colors, details, that is also possible.
I believe that there is energy in the work, or at least it has an effect on someone.
An artist’s creative works have this effect the most. But to indicate that you can ask for reproduction but better say ‘similar’ so that it has creative freedom.
Highly recommended or as in my case several recommendations.

- Bart J.


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