Art Gallery Pot & MRBL RTWRK by Roger

Since 23 February 2023 I signed a contract with Art Gallery Pot which is housed at Pot Interieur – Design furniture
At Pot Interieur in Axel, (The Netherlands rigth at the Belgium border) the various studios of major design brands are decorated with beautiful works of art from the Art Gallery collection, including Roger Wanrooij.

Rolf Benz design furniture

On the 3rd floor of this immense 1500m² completely newly furnished studio which consists entirely of the exclusive furniture of Rolf Benz, 10 of my works can be viewed. Both brands reinforce each other, although Rolf Benz is certainly not dependent on Roger Wanrooij, but the other way around this is a fantastic situation for me.


Also 1 artwork is represented at the Art Gallery Pot, which is runt by Brenda Baart, Gallery owner and art stylist of Art Gallery Pot.

The gallery is based on the 1st floor.