What is considered affordable art?
Affordable art is defined differently depending on the market. Affordable art fair, for instance, defines affordable artworks as pieces priced under £6,000, €7,500, and $10,000. But there are affordable artworks that cost only several tens of dollars.

Different techniques applied

Being creative means to me developing myself and that’s why I create different styles of artwork. Not just 3D Abstract Floating Art® which takes up to 1000 hours to complete and therefore very pricey. 

Affordable Art on this website is mainly 2D art, made on impulse and inspired by something that has entranced me. My Affordable Art can be a single canvass or a multiple hatched artwork.

Art for everyone

Affordable Art is Art for everyone and still a unique piece made by me…..or by yourself!

You can gift yourself an art piece – but you can also give yourself the gift of making one yourself! What is more affordable than making one yourself?

Happy clients

Absolutely recommended! Great art pieces with an incredibly responsible businessman. He followed up every step of the way when he sent me 2 of his awesome paintings. I enjoy it everyday when I look at them.

- Beatriz R

Barcelona, ES

I am still happy every day with the beautiful works of Roger. They are incredibly beautiful in structure and use of color and in one way or another they invite me time and again to stop and experience a sense of pride.
They have now become more than paintings, they represent a part of me.

- Lizette H

The Netherlands


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