Abstract Floating Art®

Artworks that reveal different secrets every time you look at them.

   Were beauty meets emotions

First contact

During my first contact with epoxy resin (Moro di Naranja – Nov 2020) I was immediately inspired and I saw the many possibilities pass by in my mind. I definitely wanted to do more with this.

Since I was also working on a quadriptych on order at the same time, I decided to reproduce that same quadriptych and start experimenting with it. I informed the client of the quadriptych series and he was immediately enthusiastic…

No Guts, No Glory

Making this piece I found out, after many, many experiments, that (Acrylic + epoxy) layering = Floating Art®.

It changed my world!

Abstract Floating Art® is 2D that becomes 3D and back again. It’s a stilled mountain, a filled valley. Bright colors creeping from dark caverns – and everything else.

When beauty meets emotion

By purchasing Abstract Floating Art® you not only own a random art piece, but you also get “a piece of real-life history” out of the creator’s life. While a throwback to memory lane fuels the brain with inspiration, emotions of that unique time in space complete the end result of the artwork.

Colors and shapes define the story layered in different dimensions. Sometimes even close to personal, recognized by the buyer’s own life story.


  Actually, it goes beyond everything you have seen so far of contemporary art.


99,9% of all the wall art in the world is 2D art, most likely you own a few yourself. Abstract Floating Art® is unique and distinguishes itself from the most common form of contemporary art.


“Early Edition”

Abstract Floating Art® is “a new kid on the block” and therefore not well known (yet) in the art world. But my ambition is to change that fact in the upcoming years. And with that knowledge, you have the opportunity to purchase an early edition. Just click the button and get something amazing for yourself and/or your loved ones.


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Highly appreciated


Purchased a beautiful work in 2020 that was still made according to the ‘old’ painting method.
I still think it’s beautiful and enjoy it immensely!
The new floating art is absolutely beautiful.
Keep it up Roger ❤

- Mar Mais

The Netherlands

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