A social project

House of the Arts Limburg

Setting up my personal project for people in the same social situation from which I climbed.
After many attempts to contact the Municipality of Venlo, De Provincie, and art-related organizations by phone or via email/website, I finally managed to open the 1st door.
Last Thursday I was allowed to substantiate my idea verbally in a conversation with 2 employees of the above institute, based and established in Roermond. My plan of approach, including motivation and substantiation, was received very enthusiastically by both employees. I have been promised to look for the right people and parties and to guide me to the next step in this time-consuming process.
On Thursday 30 June there will be another meeting of Cultuurregio Noord Limburg, where full contact can be made with perhaps the right parties. Last time in March last I was still there on my own, this time with both persons from the House of the Arts Limburg, perfect support in my experience.

         Everyone has the right to have more color in their lives.

The goal of the project: Workshops Abstract Painting.
People from the region with: mental health problems, people on welfare, people who had to flee, in short, a large group of people from Venlo and its surroundings. who could use a helping hand. Not financial support, but MENTAL support, whereby the potential can arise to develop oneself just like I do. And if that development is not (yet) possible, then at least they have a weekly or 2 weekly mentally free outlets, and it can at least provide a positive experience at that moment
A happy(er) and healthy(er) person is valuable to society.

I, Roger Wanrooij, am looking for support to set up this project.
Why? Because I feel connected to these people! I want to assert myself in society, use my ambition and talent, encourage people to break free from ‘government support’, or experience it as valuable and become independent again in the long run. Enough motivated again to look for a paid job, or perhaps to get started as a freelancer, in any market.
To be continued in the next edition……


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