Roger Wanrooij

Years have been spent creating a new and inspirational way of creating art! This way, ‘Abstract, Marble & Floating Art®’ has been brought to life within the works of Roger Wanrooij. Combined, not only with the unique concept itself but also with rare materials and techniques, masterpieces were created. And with them, a new way to experience art.


As an artist, I want to create and give my brain the mental freedom to make whatever comes out at that moment.

Luxurious pieces are therefore often more time-consuming, mostly bigger dimensions, and many different and expensive kinds of materials are being used.

I only use high-end products and materials to ensure the best guarantee for my delivered work.


By creating Abstract Floating Art® I create multiple layers of epoxy and acrylics which adds real 3D depth to my artworks. A kind of art that is hardly seen or even exposed or exhibited in the way I do.

I will try to highlight this form of art as best as possible on this website with photos- and video footage, but nothing can beat the real-life experience when your retina meets Abstract Floating Art®.



But whenever I work on a commissioned base, my inspiration is fed by the commissioner. Mostly I visit the client, to get a good impression of his private atmosphere. And during a personal conversation, visual images of what I want to make are already created in my mind. This makes my work very personal and therefore it will get a special place in the heart of my client(s).

Latest Pieces

~ N O V A A ~ III

870mm x 870mm x 70mm

34.25″ x 334.25″ x 2.76″

Spruce wood canvas

Spruce wood floating frame

Acrylics & Metallic paint

Approx. 4mm epoxy resin

Signature and series name embedded

Weight 13kg / 28.66 lbs


~ N O V A A ~ X

1300mm x 1200mm x 40mm

51.18″ x 47.24″ x 1.57″

Spruce wood canvas

Spruce wood metallic black floating frame

Acrylics & Metallic paint

Approx. 4mm epoxy resin

Signature and series name embedded

Weight 15kg / 33,07 lbs


~ N O V A A ~ IV

1300mm x 1140mm x 70mm

51.18″ x 44.88″ x 2.76″

Spruce wood canvas

Rusted Spruce wood floating frame (rust-look)

Acrylics & Metallic paint

Approx. 4mm epoxy resin

Signature and series name embedded

Weight 25kg / 55.12 lbs


Returning collector 


I have some wonderful works made by Roger.
The taste is personal. Yet I think that there is artwork for everyone’s taste.
In reality, most of them are even more beautiful than in the photo. The incidence of light, both natural and a lamp, also does a lot extra.
If you want other dimensions, colors, details, that is also possible.
I believe that there is energy in the work, or at least it has an effect on someone.
An artist’s creative works have this effect the most. But to indicate that you can ask for reproduction but better say ‘similar’ so that it has creative freedom.
Highly recommended or as in my case several recommendations.

- Bart J.


Latest news

Art Eindhoven 2023

Roger Wanrooij ART EXPO4th and 5th February 2023 In this weekend I will show my complete series ~ N O V A A ~ in "Het Klokgebouw" in Eindhoven. Finally, I can show my work to a grand public and it's the first exhibition on such a large platform, since I've started...

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A recognized professional visual artist

Full time artist 01 - 07 - 2022 As of this date, I'm accepted and recognized as a full-time professional visual artist. The National Association for Visual Artists (NABK) is the largest and most active artists association in the Netherlands. To be assessed by the...

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A social community project

A social projectHouse of the Arts Limburg Setting up my personal project for people in the same social situation from which I climbed.After many attempts to contact the Municipality of Venlo, De Provincie, and art-related organizations by phone or via email/website, I...

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